The Replacement

I happened to read about half of this book in the middle of a thunderstorm with more lightning flashing through the window than I’ve seen in years. Which, turns out, was the perfect way to finish this creepy changeling novel.

Mackie isn’t like other teenagers. He lives in a town where, every seven years, a child is replaced by a changling who then dies.

The real Malcolm was taken. Mackie was left. But he didn’t die.

The story follows how Mackie learns the truth about the town, his friends and family, and the secrets that lie beneath the surface. The Replacement starts strong, throwing you into the narrative and forcing you to keep up. The story is unique. Instead of following the predictable patterns, it spins in another direction and keeps you guessing.

And my favorite part? Mackie falls for a girl. And she’s not a bimbo. I get pretty tired of the same female character in movies and on tv and it seems like the only media that keeps up with girls being more than just easy on the eyes is books. Mackie falls for a girl. A girl who can kick ass. And for that, even in Mackie’s unhumanness, I have to love him too.


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