Stayed up until 1:10 in the morning to finish this book. Now I’m here writing to you about it instead of sleeping.

I’ve been a fan of Laurie Halse Anderson since I read Speak. She’s not afraid to attack serious issues.

Wintergirls is about Lia who struggles with anorexia and cutting. You are trapped with her. Counting every calorie that goes into her body.

Her best friend, Cassie, has just been found dead. This triggers Lia relapsing into her disease. She sees Cassie’s ghost everywhere, encouraging her to stay strong and not eat. Cheering her on as she gets closer to her goal of 85 pounds, as she cuts herself deeper and gets closer to not waking up again.

This book is haunting.

Unlike Speak, where I found some oddly comedic moments, Wintergirls sucks you in and drains you emotionally while Lia is drained physically.

It’s a gut-wrenching look into what dealing with an eating disorder is like. It forces you to see through Lia’s eyes and see every calorie as the enemy even as you know that what she’s doing isn’t healthy.

This book is a tough read, but lots of good books are. It’s beautifully written and horrible and sad and kind of beautiful.



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