Lemonade Mouth

I have a confession.

I have an addiction to Disney channel made-for-tv movies.

The most recent one, Lemonade Mouth, I kind of loved. So when I saw the book at the library I was the first to check it out.

I discovered on the first page that this book was  NOT the movie. It’s a little darker, a little rougher, a little more real. And better for it.

Five unknowns are thrown into detention and come out as a band. This is their story.

The characters are people I’d want to know. Their problems are real. And their friendship and romances are ones that I cheered for.

It’s all about misfits coming into their own and starting a revolution. And that’s something I can get behind.


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  1. I was not a huge fan of this book, I’m sorry to say. I wanted to like it, I really did, but I didn’t. I think my biggest issue was that the author kept writing from different character’s perspectives, which was fine, except they didn’t really seem like different characters. I like the idea of giving different sides of the story, I think it keeps it interesting, but I just don’t think he was able to effectively create 5 main perspectives (plus a dozen other minor ones). I think he should have stuck with one character and developed it really well.

    The movie, however, was fantastic.

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