Authors are pretty cool.

I am the type of person who is afraid to talk to people I don’t know. I’m afraid to waste people’s time.

So when I emailed one of our favorite authors, Tamora Pierce, about Katie’s upcoming wedding I wasn’t expecting a real reply.

But you know what? Tamora Pierce is a really cool lady.

She gave me the address of her agent and had me mail her books. She autographed them and wrote Katie a beautiful letter where she talked about her own marriage.

And today I went to email her back to thank her again. I was sitting next to a soon-to-be seventh grader that I’m babysitting this summer. Last week I checked a couple of Tamora Pierce books out of the library for her and she loved them. This seventh grader added her own note to the email.

Why have I never emailed/written to an author before? It’s such a cool thing to connect with someone who writes something that connected with you. What about you readers? Have any of you had a good author experience?


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