The Demon King

I was trolling through the library looking for books, when I saw the end of a trilogy I had been reading. I as lunged for it (subtlety, but I did lunge), I noticed something else by the same author that wasn’t any of the preceding books to the one I had just snatched. So I snatched it too. Lo and behold did I find a new series to read! (Though honestly, even without the author pointing it out to me, I would have given it a look just for that picture on the cover. I mean seriously, look at it. It. Is. Sweet.)
As it turns out, the picture and my expectations of Cinda Williams Chima did not lie. I like the book even more than her first series, and between the war between magic traditions, treachery in the royal household, ominous echoes to the mysterious “Breaking” which nearly destroyed the kingdom, and the main characters whoyou root for and understand, I am eagerly waiting for the next Seven Realms novel. Oh, and I forgot to mention the plot twists. You have GOT to love the plot twists.


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