Close to Famous

Joan Bauer has a gift of writing young characters who deal with things through humor, hope, and perseverance.

Foster is the next Food Network star…even though she’s a kid. She uses her cupcakes to open the hearts of people around her and to make me hungry. The thing this book is missing is recipes. Seriously. Pineapple upside-down cupcakes? Okay.

Foster has a lot going on in her life. She and her mother are on the run from an Elvis impersonator with a temper. They don’t have the money they need to start a new life and Foster is struggling with reading- but doesn’t want anyone to know.

We meet a host of quirky characters and watch as people start to take chances and open their lives. Foster makes a best friend. She explores a bookmobile. She falls “in-like” with a boy. She starts her own business and never gives up on her dream.

In short, Foster has spunk. She’s a girl with character. She’s somebody I’d like to meet.

This book is written for younger readers, but if you’re up for a story with heart and baked goods, go for it.

I’d also recommend checking out Hope was Here. This Joan Bauer lady knows what she’s doing.


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