The Warrior Heir

This book is part high school drama, part medieval mythology, and part gladiator madness. In short, it’s pretty cool.

I’m not gonna lie, the cover made me put this book on the bottom of the pile. I was afraid it would be lame. I love fantasy and sci-fi but it’s so easy for them to cross the line into seriously cheesy territory. This book never even got close to the line for me.

We find ourselves meeting some incredible characters and discovering a new side to the world we’re living in along with the main character, Jack. The story is fast-paced and keeps you guessing.

And even though I figured out one of the major plot twists far before it happened, it didn’t stop me from enjoying the moment. It was still an awesome scene.

I’d like to point out for all the boys out there who are afraid to read books written by a woman that this book is not only written by a woman and has strong female characters, but it’s also written far better in a more engaging way than anything Christopher Paolini has ever put into words. I’ve got nothing against Eragon, but this book blows it out of the water.


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  1. Another great read, Melissa. I found myself missing parts because I was reading too fast because I just wanted to know what was going to happen. (PS – I figured out the same major plot twist way before it happened as well.) I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy though I am a little disappointed that you reviewed them as not as good.

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