by Maggie Stiefvater

Okay. Now it’s my turn to review a book that is a sequel and I have no idea how to do it without giving anything away from Shiver, the first one. So maybe this will be very very general and vague and about both books and probably not helpful.

Grace has always been obsessed with the wolves that live in the woods by her house during the winter. She feels a particular connection to the wolf with the yellow eyes. After meeting Sam in the summer, she realizes that he is actually the wolf from the woods. He spends part of the year as a wolf and part as a human because his transformations are affected by temperature. Grace and Sam of course fall in love and together they must find a way to keep Sam human so that they can have more than just a summer together. That is Shiver’s basic plot. Linger adds in new characters, gives a minor character from Shiver a bigger part, and adds a new complication to the changing-into-a-wolf problem. That isn’t the most appealing way to describe it, but it is actually better than Shiver. And that’s all I can say.

Shiver and Linger are very Twilight-y, and not just because there are werewolves involved. The romance between Grace and Sam borders on the creepy/obsessive of Bella and Edward’s. Somehow it stays on this side of normal and doesn’t creep me out, though. Plus, I like Sam, which also makes it better. I devoured the Twilight books, but once I was done I just didn’t like them at all. Shiver didn’t draw me in until the very end, but once it did I had to know what happened next. I enjoyed Linger the entire time, and if anything I like both of the books more now that I am done with them. So there you go. Basically, if you love Twilight then you will probably love these books. And if you don’t like Twilight, you may still really enjoy them.

I just looked it up and the last book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy, Forever, is coming out on the 12th! I am so excited. Linger’s ending was a definite cliffhanger and I just want to know what happens next.


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