The Wizard Heir and The Dragon Heir

by Cinda Williams Chima












Earlier, I posted this review of the first book in the series, The Warrior Heir. Which was amazing.

I went to Half Price Books and conned my brother into buying the trilogy so I could finish it. Luckily he wanted the books anyway.

The Wizard Heir is the second installment. It follows Seph, a high school boy who is coming into his wizard powers and discovering the dangers of that life. This book does a great job of bringing in the characters from the first novel while introducing new ones.

The Dragon Heir does the same. It follows the story of a couple of the smaller characters from the Wizard Heir, Jason and Madison Moss. This story was a little harder for me to start. It’s the culmination of the series and builds up to a giant battle between good and evil. We see all the players come back and the mythology of the series is expanded on and wrapped up.

While I enjoyed both of these books, I didn’t love them like I loved The Warrior Heir.  Chima did such a masterful job setting up the series that the second two stories fell a little flat for me.

I would still highly recommend all three books, if only to see the story come full circle and finish. The Warrior Heir is a definite must-read and the second two are wonderful supporting players.


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