Author Profile: John Green

There are a few authors in this world that I love.

Last summer I discovered John Green.

His books all have a unique mixture of humor and heart. His characters act and think like real people. They are infinitely quotable and lovable. They are quirky. They have nicknames. You want to meet them.

John Green also writes in a way that breaks your heart. These books are beautiful and are in a category of their own.

Here are three books that you should go to the library and check out right now.

1. An Abundance of Katherines

This book had me laughing out loud. In public places. The main character, Colin, is a child prodigy who never quite lived up to his potential. He goes on a search for his “Eureka moment” and spends his time trying to write a formula to predict the future of any relationship. He also starts falling for a girl named Lindsey, though all of his previous 19 relationships had been with girls named Katherine. Read this.
2. Paper Towns

Paper Towns follows another quirky character named Q. He has been in love with his neighbor his whole life and can’t say no when she asks for his help in a night of pranks. When Margo disappears, Q follows the clues she leaves in a quest to find her. This book has one of the most ridiculous and fantastic road trips imaginable. It is funny and sad and thought inducing. Love.


3. Looking for Alaska

Of the three, this is the most intense. Miles leaves home to attend a prep school where he makes his first real friends and falls for Alaska. I don’t want to give anything away on this one, so I’ll just say that this book is real. The loves that you have don’t always work out. Your friends amaze and disappoint you. In life, you have funny moments and moments where you learn and times when you prank people and times when you mourn. This book is about all of those times. It’s about growing up.


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