The Kid Table

by Andrea Seigel


My favorite chain bookstore, Borders, is closing. Cry! The only good part of that statement is the going out of business sale they’re having.

I found this book and laughed. There’s nothing I hated more growing up than sitting at the kid table. I always thought it was lame and I imagined the adults were having all the good conversations so I would spend time trying to eavesdrop. I always was nosey.

This book turned out to be funny, engaging, and occasionally sad. It follows a group of cousins who are are struggling with their identities and growing up and trying to escape the clutches of the kid table that follows them from family event to event.

The main character, Ingrid, is refreshing. She is confident and funny and quirky. She’s not a good girl. She’s not struggling to be popular or cool or interesting. She’s already all of those things without being obnoxious.

The other thing I loved about this book was that it focused on this dysfunctional, wonderful, real family. We don’t follow the characters anywhere except at family functions. We see dynamics that we recognize in our own lives which makes them funnier and more real.

This book is a quick read. It’s a great summer book, good for the beach or a plane or a waiting room somewhere, easy to pick up and jump right into the story.


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