Story and art by Stephen Emond

I’m kind of into comics. I love art and doodles.

I also love books that are meaningful.

This is a diary. The diary of Happyface. Happyface starts as a shy, awkward boy with an incredible crush. He’s in awe of his big brother and hates him a little at the same time. His parents fight in an awful way and he’s stuck in his life.

Then, something awful happens.

We don’t know what that something is for a good two-thirds of the book. All we know is that Happyface is uprooted and living with his mom in a tiny apartment and going to a new school. He’s reinventing himself. He’s falling for a new girl.

Happyface is funny and poignant. The drawings are equal part caricature and realism. You know the characters from their words as well as their expressions and quirks and the way they carry themselves.

This book made me laugh out loud. Quite a bit. It also made me cry. Happyface is a story of finding yourself, of loss, of redemption, of love, art, and friendship.




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