The Beast of Noor

Sometimes you get in the mood to read something with a serious, creepy feel, but you’re not quite at the stage for a full out scary story book. And after a binge of books from a horror author, that was me.

So I picked up The Beast of Noor.

You probably know of the Hound of the Baskervilles, right? Big scary ghost dog that haunted a family? Meet his big bad brother, the Shriker. At the dark moon, he comes and leaves a trail of death in his wake in revenge for the act of betrayal that led to him being cursed three hundred years ago. Its a dark moon again. And the protagonists are the descendants of his betrayer.

Sucks to be them, huh?

I love the story; the brother goes down dark paths in search of power to end the curse, the sister goes down an unexpected path to save him. Same old, same old, right? Not quite. For example, the brother’s hunt for power is a relatively  noble goal originally, and he stays true to his original goal the whole story. He doesn’t lose it, he doesn’t suddenly wanting to murder his family or friends or anything in an dramatic fashion, and the plot twists actually are surprising.

The world of Noor is rich, filled with magic, mythology and legends, and a delight to learn more about as the story progresses, the characters and plot are definitely not one dimensional, and the Shriker is freaken’

Seriously, the dog monster is my favorite part of the whole book. It’s nice to have a monster you can get behind, not over done and over rated, yet actually something that could command some respect.

So yeah, The Beast of Noor? You should look into it.


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