Imaginary Girls

by Nova Ren Suma

Because of her mom’s alcoholism, Chloe is raised almost exclusively by her sister Ruby. Ruby is the girl in town that everyone knows and wants to be around. The sisters are inseparable until Chloe is fourteen. That is when she finds London, a classmate, drowned in the reservoir and is sent to live with her father. Two years later, Ruby shows up determined to bring Chloe home. When Chloe returns, she finds that London is completely alive and her sister has something to do with it. Over the course of the summer, Chloe realizes that Ruby’s control over the town is not quite natural and very dangerous, and that her sister has more secrets than she realized

This book is beautifully written. It is amazingly descriptive and Ruby in particular seems to almost come off the page. This rarely happens in young adult books and it was kind of refreshing. After books like Twilight, where the writing (sorry to pick on Twilight  again, it is just such a great example!) was somewhere between mediocre and bad, it is refreshing to read a book that is so descriptive. That being said, the plot was almost overshadowed by the writing. The descriptions drew the book out to the point where nothing seemed to happen for pages and pages. I was told that Imaginary Girls was really really creepy. On the back cover it is even described as a “surreal little nightmare in book form.” I don’t do well with scary. I get nightmares from the tiniest things. So I spent the whole book tense, ready to be freaked out. And you know what? It wasn’t very scary at all. It was strange and I guess mildly creepy but definitely not nightmare worthy. It left me feeling a little let down, to be honest. However, the anticipation of creepiness kept me hooked and I couldn’t put it down. I just wonder if I hadn’t been waiting for something big if it would have held my interest at all. Also, it was kind of confusing. I am still not sure if I know what happened. And a lot was left unexplained. But despite that, I still think I liked Imaginary Girls. It was dark and different and I hope someone else reads it soon so that I can see how they felt about it.


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  1. I wrote down this title as one I wanted to read but when I finally got around to read it this week, I had forgotten that you mentioned it was creepy. Totally took me by surprise! So I had the opposite result of you, I wasn’t expecting it to be creepy and then it totally was and I was hooked. I do agree about the descriptions overshadowing the plot occasionally and I also don’t think I totally get what happened, but overall I liked it and would recommend it as well.

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