White Cat

by Holly Black

One thing I hate is over explaining. I can’t stand when authors don’t trust the reader’s intelligence enough to just jump into the story and let us figure things out.

White Cat begins with a boy named Cassel balancing on the edge of a roof, not sure how he got there.

We quickly learn that there is a rich and detailed history of this slightly fantastic world where touches of magic shine through. But Holly Black trusts us as readers. She delves into the characters and lets us figure out the physics of this new world as the story goes along.

Cassel is part of a family involved kind of a magical mob. Mob stories are fascinating in their own right; add in an unreal element and you have something completely new on your hands. This story is dangerous and different. It doesn’t shy away from hard truths or violence but never seems to go too far.

And as the book progressed, I found it more and more fascinating. The more I learned, the more I was drawn in. The story is set in secrecy so I don’t want to give away many clues other than to say that this is a solid first book in a new series. I’d definitely recommend picking it up and discovering this new world on your own.



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