The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

by Aimee Bender

I cracked open this book and within the first page knew I was in love.

The writing, the slightly off-kilter characters, the story, all of it draws you in and leaves you wanting more.

Rose discovers at the age of 12 that she can taste people in the food they make. She can taste their sadness, their love, their joy. She can taste where every ingredient was grown and if the parsley was picked with care. She can identify every factory in the country by tasting their food.

As interesting and amazing as this sounds, the first time Rose experiences this phenomena, she learns how her mother truly feels. She learns for the first time that there is heartache in her home. And at the age of 12, she has to learn how to deal with the secrets she learns from people’s food.

This book is gorgeously written and the characters are nuanced and brave. Rose is someone I wish I could hug and spend time with and she shows incredible bravery and tact in her dealings with people.

I loved this book. And you will too. Go to your library and give it a try.



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