Catching Fire & Mockingjay

The Hunger Games Parts 2 & 3 Catching Fire and Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

For those who read the last post. This one is a long time coming. I finished both books in the span of a week. Shortly after finishing the first. So, shame on me for not getting to this review sooner.

After finishing the The Hunger Games I was super eager to pick up the box set. Catching Fire and Mockingjay are continuations of the story from the first book.

After surviving The Games in the first book Katniss Everdeen, our heroine, returns to face a whole new set of problems. Every 25 years The Capitol holds a special set of Hunger Games dubbed The Quarter Quell. And, this time the rules are more sinister than ever which ends up (spoiler!) thrusting Katniss back into the arena! However, as Catching Fire ends, the people of Panem embrace rebellion in Mockingjay, leading up to one of the most thrilling, fast paced adventures, I’ve ever read.

I can’t say that I ate, slept, or went to the bathroom during the time I read these books. In fact it’s all a big blur. Even recalling work from day to day is hazy. Was I on vacation as I read these? I couldn’t tell you. But there is a distinct chunk of time missing from my life as I read these books, in which I was right there, in post apocalyptic North America, like a fly on the shoulder of the main protagonist, fighting for my life.

I had mentioned in my previous review that the author uses a love triangle as a plot device to drive the story. Even though it seemed like people would start taking sides, similar to the Edward/Jacob bandwagons. It really “Peeta’s” out as the last two of books progress and is not overbearing. Still present, but not in your face.

These books had me from the get go. It was a story that I couldn’t put down. But had a sense of closure when it ended.



  1. At the risk of spoilers, I read your entry (I’ve only read book one so far), and you seem to be echoing what a lot of people have said, which is disappointing. I had been hoping that after the unsatisfactory denoument of the first book, there was nowhere to go but up. But I think there’s a lot of room for the movie to be great! I just wrote a review of book one on my own blog, I’d love to hear your comments:

  2. I was a little disappointed by these books because I really enjoyed the Hunger Games. I read these two back-to-back and, while I was glad to have completed the series, I didn’t actually like the books. It got gory and violent to the point where I wondered if it was actually necessary to the story and the plot or if the author was just trying to be shocking and controversial. I tend to side with the latter. Katniss became so annoying, whiny, and just generally a pathetic waste of space that she began to rival my hatred of Bella in the “Twilight” series. It felt like no one ever grew, changed, or redeemed themselves and then the book just ended. I recommend the Hunger Games without a doubt but would warn against the mediocre ending of the series.

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