Double Feature: The Lost Hero and The Son of Neptune

by Rick Riordan










I’ve been a fan of Rick Riordan since I picked up the Lightning Thief and laughed out loud awkwardly in public places. I’ve always had a weakness for people with hearts of gold who can’t help but get into trouble and have a never-ending supply of witticisms and Percy Jackson fits that bill for me.

While I wasn’t impressed with the Red Pyramid series (check out my review here), The Lost Hero restores all faith. Percy goes missing and a mysterious hero named Jason appears and is sent on a quest with his new friends, Piper and Leo. I enjoyed meeting these new characters. Jason is the stereotypical handsome hero type with a heart of gold, Piper demonstrates that beautiful girls can still kick butt, and Leo picks up where Percy left off by getting into trouble constantly while showing loyalty to the people he loves.

What I love about these books is how immensely readable they are. They touch on tough topics, like broken homes, bullying, being left out of social structure, and life and death battles.  But at the same time, there is a constant theme of heart and love and friendship.

The Son of Neptune picks up with Percy, finding him seven months after his disappearance. He embarks on a quest with his new friends, Hazel and Frank. And you know what? This might be my favorite of his books. There were darker themes and more characters and better comedy and I loved it. Check it out.


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