The Halloween Tree

The Halloween Tree a short novel by Ray Bradbury

Enter. If you will, for just a moment. An autumn evening as the sun begins to set, the smell of fall leaves overwhelms your senses, it’s chill but not cold enough to see your breath. It’s Halloween Night.

As I re-read this book every Halloween since I was old enough to read short stories on my own. It never, not once, in all these years has lost its magic. It’s single handedly a very memorable and charming read.

The short story follows the adventure of eight young boys on an amazing journey through space and time as they learn about the traditions of Halloween nights from cultures and times gone by. Led by the frighteningly mysterious Mr. Moundshroud.

Why do we wear the bones of skeletons, and carry the brooms of witches on Halloween? What is it about this one evening that enchants the mind? A night that brings the spirit world closer with the real world.

This book does a clever job of answering just those questions. With an ending so touching and enchanting that it still gets me a little choked up.

Perhaps because the book starts and finishes in a small midwest town similar to my own it hits a little closer to home. Or perhaps, that Halloween resonates a feeling of great mystery and longing that all of us can connect with.

If you’re looking for a Halloween read. Look no further than the Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury.


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