Marcelo in the Real World

by Francisco X Stork


I’ve been a terrible blogger lately.

I’ve been doing plenty of reading, but not all of it in the young adult field.

A few weeks ago I finished this book and loved it. I meant to write about it immediately and then life got busy. These things happen.

I just handed this book to my dad with a glowing recommendation so I figure I should spread the word.

Marcelo has an autism-like condition and attends a special school that he loves. He’s looking forward to spending the summer working with the horses when his father drops a bombshell on him. ¬†Marcelo is expected to spend the summer working in his father’s law firm to learn to be a part of the “real world.”

The book follows Marcelo discovering the truth about people, both good and bad, and growing up in the process.

This book is real and honest and heartfelt and loving. The story is in turns sad and enlightening and happy.

At first, the book seemed so analytical that I had a hard time getting involved in the characters. The story is told from Marcelo’s point of view and as he evolves as a character the plot and narration gets more emotional as well. It draws you in as a reader.

In short, this book is highly recommended. And I promise to be a better blogger. Happy reading!


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