All These Things I’ve Done

by Gabrielle Zevin

All These Things I’ve Done is set in a United States in 2083, where water is scarce, chocolate and caffeine are illegal, and crime is everywhere. Anya (Annie) Balanchine is the daughter of the head of a powerful crime family and when the book starts she has already been through a lot. An assasination attempt on her father instead kills her mother and leaves her older brother Leo brain damaged. Years later, Annie and her younger sister Natty witness their father’s murder. Annie is left to take care of her her siblings and her bed-ridden grandmother. Despite her attempts to keep them separate from the criminal members of the family, Leo is convinced to work for the family chocolate business. Now, with the family business threatened by poisoned chocolate, other crime families, insider sabotage, and the law, Annie is no longer able to protect herself and her siblings. Meanwhile, at school Annie starts to fall in love with Win, the son of the assistant DA, which adds further complications.

I really loved All These Things I’ve Done. I liked reading a dystopian-ish book that is set in US that still somewhat resembles the current one. With chocolate and caffeine made illegal, the society seems really similar to 1920’s Prohibition so the book feels like past, present, and future all in one. Annie is a great main character who knows how to make her own decisions and puts her family first. Natty and Annie’s friend Scarlett are great supporting characters who add some fun to the otherwise depressing events. Win is a great love interest and I didn’t feel like their romance took over the book. So that was great too. I highly recommend you read this book!


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