Sisterhood Everlasting

by Ann Brashares

I have a confession.

I love the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books.

So obviously, I was over the moon to find another sequel. A ten years later sequel. Something more grown up, as the characters have grown up, and probably more an adult book than young adult. But as a sequel, I’m posting this here.

This book begins with a tragedy.

It was so awful that I emailed Katie and told her never to read this book. But I was already invested. I had to finish. It was heart wrenching and awful and difficult to read, but I finished it. And then I emailed Katie back and told her to read it.

Because this book has what the other Sisterhood books have. It’s a book about what real life is. And real life is messy and tragic and horrible sometimes, and it’s the relationships that get us through everything.

Brashares has a gift of confronting these things without blinking. If you are afraid to look hard issues in the eye, and you want a more fun read, then pass on this. But if you can handle deeper issues and relationships and friendships, pick it up. It’s worth the pain.


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