Lola and the Boy Next Door

by Stephanie Perkins

Lola lives in San Francisco, has two great dads, has a homeless biological mom, is doing well in high school, and has a hot rock band member boyfriend, Max (Who is 22. And calls her Lolita. Gross). Anyways… Everything is going wonderfully for her. But then the family next door moves back and Lola has to confront her old feelings for Cricket Bell, the boy who broke her heart. Um… and that’s all I can think of to say for a plot desctiption. I realized that I am not very good at that. There is a lot more going on! I promise. Based on this description I don’t know if I would want to read it. But you should because it’s good!

Lola and the Boy Next Door was so cute and so feel-good-ish. I loved the characters. Lola is cool and weird and a lot of fun. She loves creative fashion. Everything she wears is a themed costume and hearing about the outfits was so interesting.  Cricket is so cute and amazing and a little nerdy. Lola’s dads are pretty funny too.  Her relationship with them is really sweet.

This is a companion book to Anna and the French Kiss so Anna and St. Claire are minor characters. I love books like that. I like to know what characters are up to but I don’t need a whole new book about them. Probably if there was an actual sequal to Anna and the French Kiss, Anna and St. Claire would have fought and broken up and it would have ruined an otherwise perfect relationship. What else could happen in a sequel to a romance? But companion books let them be a boring cute couple. Perfect.


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