Melissa’s Top Books of 2011

In the spirit of the end of the year, we wanted to write a post about what our favorite reads were. Not all of these books are newly published, but they were all newly discovered and read. I didn’t include anything that I’ve reread a hundred times and already knew that I loved- I feel like that’s cheating. This is also late. I know, we’re awful. But this will help us get ready for lots of reading in 2012.

I’m including my list here with links to our previous reviews so you can check them out yourself. I found what they all had in common was that they delve deeper into the issues of the characters than many books. This also means that there is a common theme of sadness and heartbreak and strength and that these characters are going through very real issues and trials. I find that makes for good literature. It makes for memorable, connectable stories. In the next couple of weeks I hope you can find the time to head over to your library and check out a book or two. Keep your eyes open for a list of some of Katie’s favorite books of the year as well.

Happy reading!

1. The Book Thief

2. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake

3. Wintergirls

4. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

5. Happyface


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