Ruby Red

by Kerstin Gier

I read a lot of books last semester but I didn’t have a chance to write reviews. Most of the books  I am just going to let slide, but not this one. Even though I read this way back at the beginning of September and my memory of its details are a little hazy, I am posting on it anyways because it was so so good.

There is a time travel gene that is passed on in Gwen’s family. Everyone believes that Gwen’s cousin Charlotte inherited the gene. because of this, Charlotte has received years of training and preparation for when the gene kicks in while Gwen has been ignored. However, when Gwen unexpectedly finds herself back in time, she realizes that somehow a mistake was made. Now she must work with Gideon, her arrogant time-traveling counterpart, to discover the truth about the time traveling gene and what other secrets are hidden in their families.

That’s all I really remember, except that it was great. I am not usually a fan of time travel books because I can’t wrap my head around them. But somehow this one didn’t bother me. I loved Gwen’s character and the way she responds to everything. Ruby Red is funny and suspenseful and there is maybe a little bit of romance.  It seemed like this book was setting up for the next books and I am so excited. The sequels, Emerald Blue and Sapphire Green,  have already been written but they haven’t been translated into English yet. The next one isn’t released until October. Oh the suspense! I can’t wait!


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