This Girl is Different

by JJ Johnson

I started off not loving this book.

Eve is a spunky homeschooler who decides to go to public school her senior year. She is raised by her single hippy mom to start revolutions and bring change. When she discovers that school is not what she expects, she goes all out trying to fix it, and in the process manages to create quite a mess.

I liked Eve and her hippy mom, I liked her friends and her love interest. But holy cow, I thought the high school drama was a little unrealistic. When things go wrong, they go really wrong, and it took my brain a while to get with the program.

Eventually I came around to the story and I think it has some good messages of self-acceptance, love, and standing up for what you believe in. The book also addresses the problems that come with the internet including internet bullying which is an issue that impacts kids from all over.

Overall I’d say this was a decent book and would be great to catch up on this summer on the beach or a road trip. It’s light without being too ditzy and examines some real issues without getting too deep. Not my favorite, but worth checking out!


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