Guest Reviews!

A dedicated YA reader submitted several reviews/ratings- check out these books and let us know what you think! Thanks J!

1) Article 5 by Kristen Simmons
I LOVED this book šŸ™‚ I am a huge dystopian lover, so this book was perfect for me. I loved the main character, Ember, because at first it seemed to me that she started out kind of a softy, but she toughened up and became a strong, independent-like character. I have a weakness for those types of characters.
I give it 4.5-5 stars.
2) Cinder by Marissa Meyer
I also loved this book. This book was a techy-modern version of a Cinderella. But, don’t be fooled, this is a Cinderella story with a wayyyy better storyline than the regular Disney one šŸ˜› I think the book was kinda strange at first, but loved anyways at the end. BEWARE ends on a cliffhanger- kinda mad at authors when they do that.
I give it 4-4.5 stars
3)Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
It is a steampunk book. It’s about a girl who pretends to be a guy in order to be able to join the army. I LOVED how the main character has that spirit that girls should be able to do whatever guys do too. šŸ™‚ She’s totally a kick-butt character.
I give it 4 stars
4) The Liar Society by Lisa Roecker
It’s a MYSTERY šŸ˜® I think this mystery kinda catches you off guard. It’s a preppy school mystery with sororities and such.
I give it 3.5-4 stars
5)BZRK by Michael Grant
I dare say this was one of my favorites. I loved the character, the story, and just everything about it šŸ™‚ and of course it’s a dystopian-ish novel šŸ˜› I think this book was fun to read because it had sorta of Ā “wow this could be plausible in the future.” It was enjoyable and I hope you try reading this!!!
I give it 4.5-5 stars

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