Getting Over Garrett Delaney

by Abby McDonald


Honestly? I wasn’t expecting much from this book. I was looking for a light read that I could take on a road trip and read at night in hotel rooms.

Instead, I found myself really liking it. Sadie is in love with her best friend of two years and when he is accepted to a summer writing camp and she is left stranded at home looking for a job to take up her time.

I liked that Sadie knew that obsessing over a boy was becoming a problem in her life. She starts to make some friends and they sit down to make a plan to get over the boy.

As a girl, I know too many times where girls lose themselves to try and catch a boy’s attention. What I liked about this book was that it was very girl power. Sadie needs to learn to find herself and to find her own friends. She finds her way here, and is a nicer and more interesting person for it.

Although it was quick and not too intense, the book touches on themes of self-acceptance and friendship that endure through your whole life. So many people are not comfortable with their weirdness and Sadie finally starts to be.


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