Grave Mercy

by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy is a historical fantasy set in France in the fifteenth century. After her father sells her into an arranged marriage, Ismae runs away to a convent. Unlike most convents, the sisters here serve Mortain, the god of death. While there, Ismae discovers that she has special gifts from Mortain. She decides to stay at the convent and train to be a skilled assassin. Once her training is over, she is sent on a mission to discover treason in the Duchess of Brittany’s court. In order to have access to the court, Ismae pretends to be the mistress of Duval, the brother of the duchess, who she is sort of working with but also spying on for the convent, while at the same time falling for him. There’s lots of murder and betrayal and romance. I could not put it down. It is the first in a trilogy, with the other books focusing on other trainees of the convent. I can’t wait!



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