by Maggie Stiefvater


I am not generally into stories involving the Celtic legends of fairies (or the fey), but I had enough faith in Maggie Stiefvater to check this book out.

Dierdre is a gifted musician- we meet her first going into a competition with her harp- but she is also painfully shy. She throws up every time she plays or sings in front of a crowd, and as she is puking in the bathroom she meets this mysterious guy Luke.

Stiefvater has such control over the mood of her books. This was creepy and dark and exciting all at once. There is palpable danger and Stiefvater juggles all of the mythology without ever becoming laughable or ridiculous. While it had the traditional “good girl falls for the bad guy who isn’t as bad as he sounds” storyline, I didn’t mind. Dierdre turns out to be pretty incredible. She stands up for herself and speaks her mind and has power, both supernaturally and in a more everyday way.

I loved this book. While I loved Scorpio Races more, this one will hold me over until the next Raven Boys book comes out.


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