The Owl Service

by Alan Garner

The Owl Service is based in Welsh mythology, which honestly, I’m not all that familiar with. The names of the characters are unfamiliar and some of the terminology is strange, but the story is riveting.

The story revolves around three kids; a step brother and sister and their friend Gwyn. When Alison hears strange scratching noises in the attic above her bed, Gwyn investigates and finds plates with an odd pattern on the edge. She and her stepbrother realize that if they trace the pattern, they can create paper owls. The paper owls start to disappear from her room, and that might be the least strange thing happening . From then on, the book is full of weird things, those uncanny moments of did this happen or not, and the story is better for you not knowing the mythology it is based on.

I read through this book quickly, with absolutely no idea on what would happen next. There was danger and fear and excitement and the characters were absorbing. It’s difficult to find a copy, but totally worth a read with a strong cup of tea.


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