by Rainbow Rowell


I read and loved Eleanor and Park earlier this year, so I had to read Fangirl as soon as I found it in my library.

The story follows Cather, an identical twin and obsessive fan-fiction writer, as she starts college. She’s full of anxiety and neurosis, and she’s trying to deal with the strangeness in her relationship with her sister while navigating her terrifying new world. There are moments in the beginning, like when she avoids the cafeteria and eats protein bars because she’s afraid to meet people or make a mistake ordering something, that vividly reminded me of what the first few months of college felt like for me, or really anytime that you’re thrown into new experiences without being ready.

I loved, loved, LOVED this book. The style of Rowell is fantastic, and even though her books are lengthy, they read like a dream. I finished it before I was ready. And where Eleanor and Park delved into more difficult territory, Fangirl felt much lighter. There are serious themes, but Fangirl feels like more of a typical girl’s story than the exception of Eleanor.

Rowell’s love interests are always nuanced and swoon-worthy and beautiful. I like that she writes her characters as flawed; as Cather falls in love, we do too- falling for all of the quirks and flaws that Rowell writes so clearly.



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