The Montmaray Journals

by Michelle Cooper


This series is incredible. It tells the story of a close knit royal family starting a few years before World War II and finishing up a little after the War. The FitzOsbornes are the royal family of the tiny island of Montmaray. The family is made up of Sophie, her older brother Toby, her younger sister Henry, her cousin Victoria, and her Uncle the crazy king. The only other people on the island are the housekeeper, and the housekeeper’s son Simon. In A Brief History of Montmaray, Sophie writes about their quiet life on the island, which is disrupted when the Nazis arrive. In The FitzOsbornes in Exile the FitzOsbornes are now living in England with their wealthy aunt, and Sophie has her Debut into British society. And then in The FitzOsbornes at War World War II breaks out and England is in chaos. The boys join the air force and the girls join the war effort in London.

Now to be honest, the first book  and the first half of the second book were a little slow, but the absolute amazingness of the last one more than makes up for it. Sophie’s growth throughout the books is so slow and realistic, you barely notice it until you think back to how young and naive she was at first. I highly recommend the whole series.


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