Into the Wild Nerd Yonder

by Julie Halpern


I’m finally on spring break and read this book all in one sitting. Jessie is starting her sophomore year in high school and her two best friends are suddenly boy-obsessed punk-rock wannabes, leaving her wondering where exactly she fits into the world. She loves math and sewing (she wears a different skirt everyday, made from the craziest fabric she can find) and sometimes substitutes as a drummer in her brother’s punk band, and with all that, still feels invisible.

Obviously she gravitates toward the nerd world (and I mean, who wouldn’t?) and, while initially resistant, starts to realize that coolness is overrated.

While this is the typical, predictable, coming-of-age tale, Jessie as a narrator was pretty awesome. But the thing that made this book epic to me was her relationship with her older brother. Very few books give us normal-looking positive sibling relationships; they either hate each other or go more towards hero worship. Jessie and Barrett are funny and supportive and real, and I loved that.

This was a perfect spring break read- light and entertaining and funny without the cheese. You encounter everything from Dungeons and Dragons to holding hands with a cute boy to the complete betrayal of a best friend. Check it out!


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