The Book of Lost Things

by John Connolly


To me, this book was like a combination of the Chronicles of Narnia and Neil Gaiman and Grimm’s Fairy Tales. David, after the loss of his mom, begins to hear his books whisper to him from their shelves and has dreams of a strange world full of wolves and a crooked man. After a German plane crashes in his backyard, David hears the voice of his mother and follows it through a tree into another place. This place is full of the dark, twisted fairy tales that Disney doesn’t tell.

While the book isn’t perfect (it runs a little long and David never felt like a fully realized character to me), the journey David takes through these dark stories was fascinating and hard to stop reading. I loved them more than the plot as a whole.

Overall, this was the first book in a while that held my attention well; its familiar stories were off enough to keep me turning the pages, and the ending felt satisfying.


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